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Game Snitch Radio episode #8
January 25, 2006

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We have run out of bandwith so if your reading this you probably were looking to complain but I will be putting it up for the time being so you can listen for the time being. Sorry for the severe lack of emotion out of me and the other guys, I probably should take my naps a little earlier becasue i woke up about 10 minutes before we started recording so I apologize for that.

Revolution in stores by Thanksgiving, Sony survey hints at Live like service,Killzone details coming soon, Possible PS3 launch titles appear on Sony’s website, Reggie outlines Nintendo’s new years “revolutions”, Majesco properties being sold off, EA cuts game prices on current gen consoles, Xbox 360 DVD9 storage debate, Sony acquires Zipper.

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Show Notes
Revolution in stores by Thanksgiving
Sony survey hints at Live like service
Killzone details coming soon
Possible PS3 launch titles appear on Sony’s website
Reggie outlines Nintendo’s new years “revolutions”
Majesco cancels big titles
EA cuts game prices on current gen consoles
Xbox 360 DVD9 storage debate
Sony acquires Zipper

Crytek tech demo


Game Snitch Radio episode #7
January 18, 2006

Not a very eventful show this week. Mostly just us screwing around but there is still news. If you subscribe in iTunes and get a message saying that we went over our bandwidth, thats because we did so I will find some place to host it so you can play/download from here.

Here are this weeks topics. No DSredesign, Advent Children in 2010?, PS3 to ship in November with 1 million units, PS3 only a conceptual design, WoW racism, and and e mail.

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Show Notes
PS3 in November With Just 1M Units
PlayStation 3, conceptual design?
Discrimination in WoW

Game Snitch Radio episode #6
January 11, 2006

After two tries episode 6 is out. This week we talk about the following. No PS3 at CES, New GTA for the PSP and LCS headed to the PS2, No Zelda Revolution (yet), EA supporting the Revolution, Halo 3 not challenging the PS3, Uwe Boll reads MGS script, Fat’s WoW minute and cy the cylops cat.

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Show Notes
No PS3 surprise at CES
Take-Two Confirms New PSP GTA Game
Nintendo Dismisses Zelda’s Revolution Controller Rumor
EA Wants a Revolution
Uwe Boll Reading MGS Script
Uwe Boll IMDb profile
Cylcops kitten

Game Snitch Radio ep. #5
January 5, 2006

Here it is, first podcast of 2006. Not a lot to talk about at all but you might get a few laughs out of us messing around, enjoy. Our bandwidth did reset so the show is still on iTunes but we have no space left so this might be the last show on iTunes unless I delete past shows, so if you read this tell us if it even matters if it’s on iTunes or not and if it does I will just delete old episodes and host them somewhere else for future download.

The topics we went over are as follows. Twilight Princess on the revolution?, PS3 late and buggy, Favorite games of 2005, We forget the mics are on and talk about nonsense.

It was an uneventful show but next week we will have a lot to talk about due to CES.

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Game Snitch Radio ep. #4
December 21, 2005

Another week, another episode. This week we talk about… Sony to lose $1 billion on PS3, Xbox 360 HD-DVD player in 2006?, Xbox 360 games and console sales, Bungies next game playable, WoW hits 5 million subscribers,Man trading his girl friend for an Xbox 360, Final Fantasy XI beta coming to US, Gamer electrocutes himself, Xbox 360 scalpers robbed, Animal Crossing Wild World review. Also Fat’s WoW minute and Moon’s Kingdom Hearts update.

We also we have a guest that shows up near the begining of the animal crossing review, our friend Edwards A.K.A E-Lardo. And I finally figured out what was making that high pitched noise in the background of the previous podcasts, it was my TV, who would have thunk it. Apparently when it’s on it screws with the mic becasue i’m about 1 1/2 feet away from it. So you won’t notice it until later when Fat tells me to turn on the TV then i turn it off later. Problem solved. Enjoy

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P.S. – Your still cool Skins.

Show Notes
Sony to lose $1 billion on PS3
Xbox 360 HD-DVD in 2006?
Xbox 360 sales data
Bungie’s next game “playable”
World of Warcraft reaches 5 million subscribers
Man willing to trade girlfriend for an Xbox 360
Final Fantasy Beta coming to the US
Sixteen Year-Old Boy Electrocutes Himself After Being Told to Limit game play
Xbox 360 scalpers robbed

Game Snitch Radio ep. #3
December 14, 2005

Hey guys finished episode 3, and it’s not a week late this time. Remember i would love to hear feedback from everyone, good or bad, we can only go up from here lol. Below are the topics we went over.

Capcom aiming to release RE 5 simultaneously, Splinter Cell: Double Agent details emerge, Japan 360 games sales figures, Bad FF XI beta UI, Medal of Honor Goes 360?, 360 Backwards Compatibility Updated, Wik added to Live arcade, Sony exec on the “HD era”, PS3 on track for spring 2006, Japanese 360 price cut, Best Buy Allocated New Xbox 360 Shipments, Shadow of the Colossus 2 For PlayStation 3?, Sega re-releasing Dream cast in Japan?, Very long Kingdom Hearts update and a half assed review of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

Oh yes right after the podcast Engadget falsified that dreamcast rumor, apparently there just offering refurbished units, anyway it’s in the show links. This weeks music is from World of Warcraft, the tinkertown theme, can’t create a good theme if anyone is good at that contact me, anyways, Enjoy.

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The Show was kind of long namely because of the Kingdom Hearts portion, it was ok but in the future it will be shorter and more time spent talking on the news, this time of year news is fairly hard to come by so until after the holidays it will be less exciting than it could be, so bear with us.

Show Links:
Capcom aiming to release RE 5 simultaneously
Splinter Cell: Double Agent details emerge
Japan 360 games sales figures
Bad FF XI beta UI
Medal of Honor Goes 360?
360 Backwards Compatibility Updated
Wik added to Live arcade
Sony exec on the “HD era”
PS3 on track for spring 2006
Japanese 360 price cut
Best Buy Allocated New Xbox 360 Shipments
Shadow of the Colossus 2 For PlayStation 3?
Sega re-releasing Dream cast in Japan?
Sega re-releasing Dream cast in Japan? UPDATE

Game Snitch Radio ep. #2
December 7, 2005

Hey guys just got together episode 2 of the radiocast/podcast. I think it’s coming along nice. I have to work on a slight ringing sound in the background but hopefully i can get some funds and some good mics for me and the guys. This week we talk about the Xbox 360 power supply cooling down and raising up electric bill, Sony ships 100 million PS2s, Valve goes beyond the FPS, 40,000 360’s sold on Ebay, Miyamoto Hints At Second Revolution Secret, And two reviews from Pyro and Moon, Need for Speed Most Wanted and Star Wars Battlefront 2. I said at the begining that I would have a review of Prince of Persia the Two Thrones but it got cut off for some reason so I just thew in a little message and maybe i’ll have the review for next week.

Once again please leave your comments and spread the word to your friends and get the word out there becasue if no one is listening then there is no reason to do the show. I’d like to thank everyone who listened to the first show and is listening on to the next episodes and all the people who are visiting the site and listening who were friends of ours from the old MLG and GameEdge days.


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Note: The iTunes and Odeo feeds may not be updated at this time thats an issue with them not us but they sould be up in an hour or so, Clicking on the play button and/or if you happen to own a PSP the show is available there.

Show Notes:
360 power supply cooling down
Xbox 360 found to be power hungry
Sony ships 100 million PS2s
Valve goes beyond the FPS
40,000 360’s sold on ebay
Miyamoto Hints At Second Revolution Secret

Game Snitch Radio ep. #1
December 3, 2005

The first ever Game Snitch radio show is here, It’s a little late because i had some trouble getting things together but here it is. I’ll see just how many of these things we can do with a free host lol, but if that means deleting old shows then so be it maybe I’ll put them up for download some where else. Anyways there will be a link to the show you can listen to in your browser. This episode we talk about a Xbox360 case mod, Top 10 most violent games, MS losing $126 on 360, Smashed my Xbox site, Top 10 reasons to wait for the PS3(not our list), Fat’s WoW minute, Moon’s Kingdom Hearts thing, and my Mario Kart DS Review. Show notes will be at the bottom.

I hear a few people actually care about my reviews so i will try to do more on the site and on the show. If your one of the people who do please leave a comment or email us at

I hope you like the show and spread the word about it, it would be a great help. If you would like to send in questions or anything i will read them on the show next week so send away, the email is again

Enjoy …. or try to. It can only get better from here.

One last thing I stole the into music from OC remix, it was done by Selecta Novel and is called “Super Mario Bros. 3 Staff Battle” considering all the music there is technically stolen too and i’m not making any money off this (probably losing some) I think were in the clear.

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Show Notes:

Xbox case mod
2005’s 10 Most Violent Games
Microsoft Loses $126 Per Unit on XBox 360
Hyboreal Games – A New Studio Founded By Ex-Blizzard
Xbox does second round of 360s
Smashed my Xbox
10 reasons to wait for the PS3