Game Snitch Radio episode #7

Not a very eventful show this week. Mostly just us screwing around but there is still news. If you subscribe in iTunes and get a message saying that we went over our bandwidth, thats because we did so I will find some place to host it so you can play/download from here.

Here are this weeks topics. No DSredesign, Advent Children in 2010?, PS3 to ship in November with 1 million units, PS3 only a conceptual design, WoW racism, and and e mail.

Click to play Radio show

Show Notes
PS3 in November With Just 1M Units
PlayStation 3, conceptual design?
Discrimination in WoW


One Response

  1. Episode #7:
    That cock guy is hardcore… Moon is too awesome to let him go. But the stuff he said was too funny. OMG… I was laughing so hard after that… Bad Moon, American Idol sucks so bad. You stop it. Stop it Moon…

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