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New Feed
January 28, 2006

Next week the podcast will be changing feeds so anyone subscribed to the iTunes feed or anything else will have to change over to the new feed. I will link to it when I post this weeks podcast. If there still is any confusion I will put out a small announcement on the podcast feed that is already out that you all have, if you listen to it off the link i post here on the site there should be no problem.


New look
January 27, 2006


Well I was going to wait until the next podcast to update the page but it appears that WordPress “sucked” the entire site out of Blogger when I imported it. So here ya go, not much but i like it better then the old look. Tell me what you think in the comments.

P.S. I didn’t make the theme it’s just standard wordpress stuff.

Game Snitch Radio episode #8
January 25, 2006

Untitled-1 copy.jpg

We have run out of bandwith so if your reading this you probably were looking to complain but I will be putting it up for the time being so you can listen for the time being. Sorry for the severe lack of emotion out of me and the other guys, I probably should take my naps a little earlier becasue i woke up about 10 minutes before we started recording so I apologize for that.

Revolution in stores by Thanksgiving, Sony survey hints at Live like service,Killzone details coming soon, Possible PS3 launch titles appear on Sony’s website, Reggie outlines Nintendo’s new years “revolutions”, Majesco properties being sold off, EA cuts game prices on current gen consoles, Xbox 360 DVD9 storage debate, Sony acquires Zipper.

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Show Notes
Revolution in stores by Thanksgiving
Sony survey hints at Live like service
Killzone details coming soon
Possible PS3 launch titles appear on Sony’s website
Reggie outlines Nintendo’s new years “revolutions”
Majesco cancels big titles
EA cuts game prices on current gen consoles
Xbox 360 DVD9 storage debate
Sony acquires Zipper

Crytek tech demo

Game Snitch Radio episode #7
January 18, 2006

Not a very eventful show this week. Mostly just us screwing around but there is still news. If you subscribe in iTunes and get a message saying that we went over our bandwidth, thats because we did so I will find some place to host it so you can play/download from here.

Here are this weeks topics. No DSredesign, Advent Children in 2010?, PS3 to ship in November with 1 million units, PS3 only a conceptual design, WoW racism, and and e mail.

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Show Notes
PS3 in November With Just 1M Units
PlayStation 3, conceptual design?
Discrimination in WoW

Game Snitch Radio episode #6
January 11, 2006

After two tries episode 6 is out. This week we talk about the following. No PS3 at CES, New GTA for the PSP and LCS headed to the PS2, No Zelda Revolution (yet), EA supporting the Revolution, Halo 3 not challenging the PS3, Uwe Boll reads MGS script, Fat’s WoW minute and cy the cylops cat.

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Show Notes
No PS3 surprise at CES
Take-Two Confirms New PSP GTA Game
Nintendo Dismisses Zelda’s Revolution Controller Rumor
EA Wants a Revolution
Uwe Boll Reading MGS Script
Uwe Boll IMDb profile
Cylcops kitten

Deleting old episodes
January 9, 2006

I deleted episode #1 of the podcast to see if it freed up some space, and it did so when were short on space (should be every week) I’ll add an episode and take one down. If anyone wants I will add all the past shows on a hosting site so you can manually download them. I don’t expect anyone to care that much, A: because the old shows aren’t that great and B: It’s old news. So if anyone expresses the need for old shows I’ll accommodate, and as always I encourage everyone to post comments and spread the word about the show and keep listening, thanks again.

Game Snitch Radio ep. #5
January 5, 2006

Here it is, first podcast of 2006. Not a lot to talk about at all but you might get a few laughs out of us messing around, enjoy. Our bandwidth did reset so the show is still on iTunes but we have no space left so this might be the last show on iTunes unless I delete past shows, so if you read this tell us if it even matters if it’s on iTunes or not and if it does I will just delete old episodes and host them somewhere else for future download.

The topics we went over are as follows. Twilight Princess on the revolution?, PS3 late and buggy, Favorite games of 2005, We forget the mics are on and talk about nonsense.

It was an uneventful show but next week we will have a lot to talk about due to CES.

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