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No podcast this year
December 29, 2005

Yes, i know, dry your tears. We won’t be doing a podcast this week. Me and Fat are sick, so as if my voice wasn’t bad enough it’s worse so were going to hold off until next weeek. See ya in 2006.


Merry Christmas!
December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope everyone celebrating today had a good time and didn’t shoot their eye out. I got a 360, Fat got a PSP and Moon … well i know he didn’t get Kingdom Hearts but what that means for you is reviews and opinions on all our horde. Radiocast #5 maybe late I have no idea but i got a new headset too so maybe it will sound better at least I will. Peace everyone, have a happy holiday.

Game Snitch Radio ep. #4
December 21, 2005

Another week, another episode. This week we talk about… Sony to lose $1 billion on PS3, Xbox 360 HD-DVD player in 2006?, Xbox 360 games and console sales, Bungies next game playable, WoW hits 5 million subscribers,Man trading his girl friend for an Xbox 360, Final Fantasy XI beta coming to US, Gamer electrocutes himself, Xbox 360 scalpers robbed, Animal Crossing Wild World review. Also Fat’s WoW minute and Moon’s Kingdom Hearts update.

We also we have a guest that shows up near the begining of the animal crossing review, our friend Edwards A.K.A E-Lardo. And I finally figured out what was making that high pitched noise in the background of the previous podcasts, it was my TV, who would have thunk it. Apparently when it’s on it screws with the mic becasue i’m about 1 1/2 feet away from it. So you won’t notice it until later when Fat tells me to turn on the TV then i turn it off later. Problem solved. Enjoy

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P.S. – Your still cool Skins.

Show Notes
Sony to lose $1 billion on PS3
Xbox 360 HD-DVD in 2006?
Xbox 360 sales data
Bungie’s next game “playable”
World of Warcraft reaches 5 million subscribers
Man willing to trade girlfriend for an Xbox 360
Final Fantasy Beta coming to the US
Sixteen Year-Old Boy Electrocutes Himself After Being Told to Limit game play
Xbox 360 scalpers robbed

Animal Crossing review coming
December 17, 2005

Just received Animal Crossing from Game Fly today, So you can expect a review in the next podcast. It’s pretty damn good so far. And so I don’t have to bring this up later, if all goes well and I actually get a Xbox 360 soon you can expect reviews of some kind for Perfect Dark Zero, Kameo, Project Gotham Racing 3, Call of Duty 2 and Condemned some time after Christmas. Looks like I got a lot of “work” ahead of me.

King Kong Review
December 15, 2005

Whoa King Kong must have been great becasue I already finished a roughly 3 page review of it, despite the fact that I have a goverment report about a week past due, anyways I’ll put the review in the comments because it’s too long. Not sure if anyone actually wants to read it but hey it’s there.

King Kong!!
December 14, 2005

Just went out to see King Kong today and it was great, I might put up my review because i have to do one anyway for my film class so if you care it should be here … well probably a few days after it’s due.

Get to know your Spartan
December 14, 2005

Bungie has a feature up detailing the back story behind Spartan 458 “Nicole”. She is a big lady “6′ 8″ /370 lbs” and thats out of the suit, thats a whole lot of women.

Link: Bungie feature

New Double Agent screens
December 14, 2005

A few new screens of SC Double Agent have been released, keep in mind that this is current gen (probably Xbox) so as great as this looks it will look even better on the 360 and I’m guessing the PS3 will have a version as well. Looks like this will be one hell of an adventure I’m really excited how there really putting a lot of innovation into the story, the first 3 were “military games” no matter how you slice it but so far in Double Agent you start in a prison and find your self repelling down a icey cliff.

Link: Double Agent Screens

Game Snitch Radio ep. #3
December 14, 2005

Hey guys finished episode 3, and it’s not a week late this time. Remember i would love to hear feedback from everyone, good or bad, we can only go up from here lol. Below are the topics we went over.

Capcom aiming to release RE 5 simultaneously, Splinter Cell: Double Agent details emerge, Japan 360 games sales figures, Bad FF XI beta UI, Medal of Honor Goes 360?, 360 Backwards Compatibility Updated, Wik added to Live arcade, Sony exec on the “HD era”, PS3 on track for spring 2006, Japanese 360 price cut, Best Buy Allocated New Xbox 360 Shipments, Shadow of the Colossus 2 For PlayStation 3?, Sega re-releasing Dream cast in Japan?, Very long Kingdom Hearts update and a half assed review of Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones.

Oh yes right after the podcast Engadget falsified that dreamcast rumor, apparently there just offering refurbished units, anyway it’s in the show links. This weeks music is from World of Warcraft, the tinkertown theme, can’t create a good theme if anyone is good at that contact me, anyways, Enjoy.

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The Show was kind of long namely because of the Kingdom Hearts portion, it was ok but in the future it will be shorter and more time spent talking on the news, this time of year news is fairly hard to come by so until after the holidays it will be less exciting than it could be, so bear with us.

Show Links:
Capcom aiming to release RE 5 simultaneously
Splinter Cell: Double Agent details emerge
Japan 360 games sales figures
Bad FF XI beta UI
Medal of Honor Goes 360?
360 Backwards Compatibility Updated
Wik added to Live arcade
Sony exec on the “HD era”
PS3 on track for spring 2006
Japanese 360 price cut
Best Buy Allocated New Xbox 360 Shipments
Shadow of the Colossus 2 For PlayStation 3?
Sega re-releasing Dream cast in Japan?
Sega re-releasing Dream cast in Japan? UPDATE

December 12, 2005

Me and Moon (mostly me) figured out how to get rid of the annoying as hell high pitch sound in the background of the podcast, the problem hopefully wasn’t coming from Fat’s mic and coming from the compression like I changed. Anyway tune in sometime tomorrow or the day after for episode 3, hopefully all works well.