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Name Change
November 30, 2005

Were pulling a P. Diddy and changing our name. Game Banter will now be knows as Game Snitch. If you type in you will be forwarded here. Were not just changing the name because it sounds better, now we will be doing a weekly(hopefully) podcast. I will be editing the podcast we did last night (Me, Fat and Moon) and it will be up before the day is out. I hope you like it, it can only get better from here lol. If you liked it or even listened to it leave a comment saying what you think.

By the way I know a few of you old MLG guys, and you know who you are, are checking out the site leave a comment or email me it would be cool to hear from everyone again.


Matrix throwing cheap shots
November 27, 2005

I was just watching TV and I saw this ad for the Matrix: Path of Neo. The narrator proceeded to say “the biggest thing to hit stores this holiday isn’t an ape” and I was like “oh snap” because that obviously took a shot at Peter Jackson’s King Kong also out now. I haven’t played Path pf Neo but I have seen scores for both games and ol’ Neo really lost his edge, to a monkey.

Slow news day folks … slow news day

Keep your 360 safe
November 27, 2005

Amidst the launch day riots and muggings some unlucky 360 owners have been reporting of crashes and freezing on their new console. The supposed “root” of these problems is the King Kong sized power supply. If you leave you power brick on the floor or in a very hot place your 360 could “crap out”. Some very inventive gamers have come up with a few solutions to keep your 360 from over heating.

The original over heating solution was from a Game Spot forum poster. He had the the bright idea to put their power supply over an open card board box. If your having trouble visualizing it here is a link to the post. Other gamers have been using string to suspend their power bricks. I personally plan to place my power brick on a empty CD rack (who buys CDs these days)

UPDATE: As cool as standing you Xbox up vertically is it could cause scratches and/or problems with disc reading. PS2 had this same problem. Verical console are just a novelty.

Xbox 360 weekly shipments
November 27, 2005

In the weeks before the 360 launched everyone was worried that there wouldn’t be enough Xbox 360’s to go around and for the most part you can’t get one so far without preordering it but according to Xbox Live director Major Nelson, Microsoft is sending out weekly “replenishments”. So if you hang around at your Best Buy long enough you could have a 360 by Christmas.

Link: Major’s Blog

November 24, 2005

Well I was going to have the first ever Game Banter Podcast ready for download today but after a hour and a half long show hot recorder was not responding. Me and Pyro will try again next week so stay tuned.

PS3 to sell for $300-$400
November 22, 2005

Sony CEO Howard Stringer, speaking to Fortune said that the PS3 will be sold at $300 – $400 at a loss to get more Blu-Ray units into homes. The selling at a loss this obvious but if they sell it at $400 the most that loss would be pretty damn large. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Link: Games Industry

Campers get water balloned
November 22, 2005

vgm watch has a funny/childish story about some people waiting in line for a Xbox 360 the other day. DC radio station’s Elliot in the Morning show sent some interns to Best Buys in the area to throw water balloons at people in line. One women threw her coffee at one of the un-paid radio bitches which started some name calling. The morning DJ, a member of the ever so illustrious, funny, creative and not at all annoying group then uttered this zinger, [Bill Gates is] “sitting at home rubbing his crotch”. I really fucking hate morning radio shows, they are one of the lowest forms of entertainment, I’m talking down there with mimes.

Via: VGM Watch

Perfect Dark Zero not as bad as we thought?
November 21, 2005

For a while there it looked as though Microsoft’s sure fire seller for the Xbox 360 was going to be a huge disappointment. No one really had anything good to say about the damn thing. On one of Gaming Steve’s podcasts he had a whole round table of people who were bashing the game … like really bashing it. But despite all that Game Spot has given it a 9 and their editors choice. Looks like PDZ could prove to be the “killer app” the 360 needs. I’ll have my own review after December 25th as well as a few other 360 games. Anyways check out the review it was surprising to say the least coming from Game Spot.

Link: Review

What is World of Warcraft?
November 18, 2005

Saw this on Digg yesterday. I don’t want to ruin it so all I will tell you is that it has to do with World of Warcraft, Alex Trebek, Leeroy Jenkins and 3 non gamers. Click the link on the bottom to the video on putfile.

Link: What is WoW?

Boomerang here to stay?
November 17, 2005

A Sony exec, talking to single greatest black hole of video game news out of Japan, Famitsu has denied claims of showing a redesign of the PS3 controller at CES (Consumer Electronics Show) this January. This really shouldn’t be a big concern because there is always E3. But I have been saying this from the beginning, even though basically everyone has said the Xbox 360 controller could possibly be the best controller ever no one has used a PS3 boomerang yet so despite it’s retarded design it could still feel very good in the hands.